Sea Prison of The Furies ,

Whatever you did to piss the gods off, you must’ve done it good and proper. The day started with a full broadside of cannon fire tearing through the hull of your ship. Now you’re trapped on a flotilla of prison ships, fighting and clawing your way from one end of the fleet to the other, trying to get to the rescue ship before it takes off, leaving you stranded with the worst dregs of the empire!


Your ship is lost! Having hunted a crew of pirates to the middle of the ocean, your crew engaged in a terrible sea battle, and now both your ships are headed for the deep.

In the distance, you spy a cluster of vessels huddled together. As it turns out, the Empire had lashed together a dozen aging men-of-war to form a massive flotilla of prison hulks — non-sailable ships where prisoners can be left to rot.

But instead of accepting their fate, the inmates have formed tribes and begun to wage war on one another. Now, your only hope is to make your way from one end of the floating prison to the other in time to catch the next supply ship home – assuming the Empire’s worst offenders don’t get you first!


SEA PRISON OF THE FURIES is a nautical race against the clock by CopperHorde’s Luke CJ Smith & Chris Sagovac for a group of level 3 players to play in a single evening.

This adventure has a four-hour time limit, which means you can expect a breakneck pace as the party winds its way from ship to ship. The map of the flotilla indicates where your players can expect to find combat, puzzles, traps, and…shall we say…more unconventional challenges. This allows for maximum replayability and customization! This guide includes:

  • A branching map that lets players literally choose their own adventure.
  • Three unique traps and multiple opportunities for lightning-quick combat.
  • Creativity based challenges, including a songwriting encounter!
  • Skill challenges, interesting characters, and puzzles galore.


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